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Our Diet Program Explained By Dr. Kamin

I have treated patients who had been on diet programs with personal trainers for 18+ months and not lost one pound. But even those extreme cases were able to lose their excess weight in my clinic and keep it off.
Most will agree that it is not what you weigh, it is the size that you are. What do you really want to look like? As we age, we see size as more what we gauge it on, rather than the scale. Your body will tell you when it looks good by how you fit in your clothes. This diet protocol will shrink the numbers on the scale and the inches around your whole body.

What is the HCG diet?

This is a science based weight loss method that was studied from the 1930's to the 1950's by a British physician, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He was puzzled by the fact that patients lost weight, gained it back and lost and gained. He felt there was a single underlying cause and spent years looking for it.

He made an observation, while in a starving country, that pregnant women lost weight during pregnancy, yet had healthy babies. Somehow a hormone in pregnancy mobilized the body's ability to burn fat to feed the baby.

He spent 18 years studying this and observing the patient's health and weight loss on a specific diet. He treated over 10,000 patients for this 40 day protocol with patient after patient losing both pounds and inches and it stayed off!

How does this work?

An abnormal hypothalamus, a part in our brain that regulates hunger, metabolism, food cravings and the desire to eat, gets imbalances with dieting, poor food choices and other reasons. This promotes the storage of fat in all the wrong places. By tricking this gland in our brain, giving a low dose of HCG and using a very low calorie diet (VLCD), it opens the door to allow the body to burn abnormal fat stores from the body contour areas and trims you down. HCG mobilizes between 2000 to 3000 calories per day while you eat only 500 on the prescribed diet.
The 3 kinds of fat are:

Structural Fat - This kind of fat fills the gap between various organs, like a packing material. It protects coronary arteries and keeps skin smooth and taut. We need this for health and for protection.

Normal Fat Reserves - This kind fat is what the body freely draws from as a nutritional form of energy.

Abnormal Fat Reserves - This kind of fat is typically adipose tissue. This kind of fat accumulation is where the overweight patient suffers.  Even though it is potential energy source, it is hard to lose as a nutritional source.  It is like the door is locked and the key is lost.

Most patients come in saying they have worked out and dieted for a year or more and that they have lost nothing, have spent money on a trainer and gotten nowhere, or they have lost only 6 pounds in 3 months and it is just not worth doing it anymore. Over and over similar comments and now there is a solution.

The hypothalamus functions are:
weight regulation, metabolism and the rate your body burns fat deposits and releases the fat stores for energy, regulates the sleep cycle, regulates hormones, regulates energy levels, regulates thirst and mood elevation.

The wonderful news is that HCG triggers the ability to burn the abnormal fat stores for fuel and begins the trimming of your fat immediately and effortlessly.

How do you get the mobilized fat out of your body?

WATER WATER WATER -  Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily and the higher the pH of the water, the better.
To review more information about water alkalinity or to order a pitcher for alkaline water, please visit www.dreamtreefamily.com/drkamin.

Generally, up to a pound per day of fat is lost. You can have increased energy.  You will see more normalized blood sugar levels and some patients may even reduce or get off their diabetic medications completely. Blood pressure normalizes and the need for medications most often goes away and resets at a lower normal pressure.  Aches and pains from fibromyalgia are often eliminated.  

If the diet protocol is followed correctly, you will get the weight off more quickly and it will be kept off because you have properly reset your metabolism and you will have a new weight set point that is stable.  What makes this diet unique is that it locks in the weight lost and you will not regain if you follow the protocol.  It is successful for weight loss and inches.

What are patients saying?
"This diet gave me my self esteem back. I dropped 122 pounds and my skin tightened up and I look great. It took me 9 months but it was worth it. My family didn't recognize me at the airport!!!" KP

"I lost 30 pounds and 31 inches in 6 wks. Love this program!" LF

"I lost to a size smaller than my wedding dress and still weighed 10 pounds more. I look great!" KC

"As an athlete, lean is the key. I was able to continue to train, eat a modified diet and leaned down and am now in top ranks. Thanks!" KS

"I can't believe it. Just a miracle! This stuff should be bottled. I felt great, lost 20 pounds, slept like a baby and NO PAIN. I also look years younger." age 84

"Lost my job and did diet while off looking for a new one. My body and life is completely transformed. Got a great job and I am no longer fat and frumpy!" JN

"Fibromyalgia pain all gone in 1 week!  Lost 35 pounds and feel great and haven't looked back!" TC

"Fibro pain and IBS all gone since the diet. 30 pounds less and much healthier!" SP

"Was on disability because of pain with fibro and other reasons. Lost pounds and inches and am working again! Thank you for my family and life back Dr Kamin." CV

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